90 Day Quick Start Guide.png

90 Day Quick Start Guide

Jumpstart the new you! This guide is our 1 page summary of the book Whole Body Healthcare.


Grocery List

Take this with you to make sure you are getting as much as you can for the Rule of 5 Diet.

Vitamins and Minerals

Your guide to the vitamins and minerals that you need. Where to get them, what they do and what happens if you do not get enough of them.

90 Day Contract Kenny.png

90 Day Contract

Get the template as well as the blank 90 Day Contract here. This is your commitment to a new you!

Veggie List.png

Veggie List

Eat as much as you want from these veggies!

Week Meal Plan.png

Weekly Meal Planner

Plan your meals ahead of time and meal prep or fill in what you eat for the week with the Weekly Meal Planner.