Physical Health

Our first area of health we will go over is our physical health. The physical is the most obvious because we see it every day in the mirror; you can instantly give yourself an assessment based on how you look and feel. Just like a tree, you can judge the health by examining the fruit the tree bears.There are many aspects to keeping your physical health in tip-top shape. One critical part is working out; you should be doing some form of physical activity, whether it is walking outside in the sunshine, running, lifting weights, other types of cardio, or CrossFit training. Whatever your method is, it should be something that when you lay your head in bed at night, you should be tired because you did a full day’s work. When you are tired, it’s more comfortable to sleep, which is another huge aspect of your physical health. You need to make sure that you’re sleeping well at night, not lying in a bed. In the chapter about sleep, we will go more in-depth on things that you can do to improve your sleep quality. Your diet is also instrumental in maintaining your physical health. Your body is continually dying and being reborn one cell at a time. The constant rebirthing of our bodies is why you must put in the best fuel you possibly can in the form of macronutrients, and what you eat all will be covered later in this book. Do not neglect your physical health; this will catch up to you in many different ways.

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Healing with Food

You are what you eat, literally. We are what we put in our body so we need good food to fuel our body's healing. 

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Healing thru Sleep

We all grow and heal when we sleep. If you are not sleeping your body has no way to heal and will ultimately run out of gas.


Supplements: Fill the Gaps

It is difficult to get all your vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from food alone. The correct supplements can help fill in the gaps.

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