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Mental Health

The next pillar that we will discuss his mental health. Your mental health is more than your brain; it is your mind. Your brain is the physical pink blob captured within your school, think of it like a vehicle left on its own the vehicle cannot move anywhere so your mind is the driver of that vehicle. Our mental health is very closely tied to our physical health. If we are physically unhealthy or distressed, we will most likely struggle in our minds as well. If we are suffering from a lack of rest, your mind will end up suffering as well. Your mind needs rest and a proper diet. There are many different things that you can do, such as breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques, thankfulness, and more. There are even apps that you can download, one app that I am currently using is called mood fit. It forces me to record on my phone my feelings, record my sleep, put down items that I am grateful for, and spend time meditating on those, as well as the quality of my nutrition that day. Whether you do this in a journal or on an app, your mental health will thank you.

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Healing with Food

You are what you eat, literally. We are what we put in our body so we need good food to fuel our body's healing. 

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Healing thru Sleep

We all grow and heal when we sleep. If you are not sleeping your body has no way to heal and will ultimately run out of gas.

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Stress: The Silent Killer

Un-managed stress is like a soda that is shaken every day, If you don't crack the top one day it will explode!

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