Emotional Health

Our third pillar is our emotional health. Now full disclaimer, I am an engineer who also happens to be a man; therefore, I should likely be disqualified from discussing anything in regards to emotion. With that said, I had had times in my life where I feel that I have been able to tap into my emotional health. My wife helps me with this more than anyone else; women generally appear to be more in touch with their emotional health than men do; this has at least been my experience. Perhaps one of the best things I can say to emotional health is that I know from experience it is okay not to be okay. At least in regards to emotional health, you should not try to fake it until you make it. You should be honest with where you’re at every single day. This is something that I am striving to do and am doing a better job of now but will inevitably fail in the future but will try just to continue to, at a minimum, don’t lie. Your emotional health is tied to your mental health and all other facets, including the physical. I hope you’re starting to see the theme that all of these areas of health are interwoven and similar to how links of a chain are only as strong as the weakest link, so are these four pillars only as strong as the weakest pillar. Your house is only as strong as the weakest point of the house. You can work on your emotional health by building and maintaining high-quality friendships relationships with your family, talking about your emotions, proper counseling, and journaling. Do not neglect your emotional health; it will catch up with you.

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Healing thru Sleep

We all grow and heal when we sleep. If you are not sleeping your body has no way to heal and will ultimately run out of gas.

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Jesus Wept

God is with us in our suffering. John 11:35 tells us Jesus wept. This short verse means Jesus shares in our suffering.

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Stress: The Silent Killer

Un-managed stress is like a soda that is shaken every day, If you don't crack the top one day it will explode!

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