Spiritual Health

             Our fourth and final pillar of which I think is the most critical is spiritual health. Much of the spiritual, mental and emotional are beneath the surface. The roots of a tree are hidden beneath the soil yet they are what keep the tree firmly planted in storms and provide the nourishment that allows the tree to survive and thrive. Our health that lies hidden beneath the surface is what provides the ability for us to thrive on the outside. There are many different types of spirituality, and I should be disqualified from talking of 99% of them. I will not even try to lay out all the different types I’m going to focus on the only one that I know, that would be a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ever since I turned 18 and was told that I might only have 2 to 3 years to live because of my rare liver disease primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC for short, I have been awoken to the fact that everyone on this earth will die including myself. No matter how hard you try to fight that fact, it will happen 100%. My coaching high school would always say the only two constants in life are death and taxes. I would encourage you to be like Pontius Pilate as he discussed with Jesus whether Jesus was indeed the king of the Jews are not in the very last thing that Pontius Pilate says in the book of John in chapter 20 as he asked Jesus what is truth? I would encourage you to at least be open-minded enough to ask that question what is truth? Ask yourself, what is the truth that I believe in my heart? For me, that truth can be found in the Christian Bible. I compare everything in my life against the truth that I believe is the Word of God. I would also argue that this fourth and final pillar is not even just a pillar but is even the cornerstone of the foundation. I have had physical mental and emotional breaks even if this one is strong, but nothing has wrecked my world so much as having a spiritual break. I would encourage you to at least ask yourself what the truth that you cling to is? The storms that happen in your life will be what reveals this.

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Healing with Food

You are what you eat, literally. We are what we put in our body so we need good food to fuel our body's healing. 

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Healing thru Sleep

We all grow and heal when we sleep. If you are not sleeping your body has no way to heal and will ultimately run out of gas.

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Jesus Wept

God is with us in our suffering. John 11:35 tells us Jesus wept. This short verse means Jesus shares in our suffering.

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